What is Healthcare IT?

University of Chicago graduate Donald Ayers is an experienced health ID consultant. Donald Ayers’ experience includes consulting for medical centers in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and St. Louis, Missouri.

Healthcare information technology (IT) is providing new ways to manage health information. Healthcare IT professionals work with doctors and medical personnel to improve their communication with patients and each other by making sure that the systems run smoothly.

For example, electronic health records, also known as EHRs, are the way doctors accurately chart the medical history of their patients. Healthcare IT consultants make sure that the EHRs are being used properly and provides assistance and resolution for issues such as workflow and security. They also take employee feedback on the usefulness of the system and implement changes that increase efficiency and improve patient safety. For example, when a hospital unit identifies the need for additional fields for tracking patient health and medication protocol, IT personnel implement system changes and communicate updates to all users.