HIMSS Supports Healthcare IT Professionals

A skilled healthcare professional based in Richmond, Virginia, Donald Ayers possesses over a decade of medical experience. As a committed professional, Donald Ayers maintains memberships with industry organizations such as the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS).

HIMSS is a Chicago-based not-for-profit organization that works to improve healthcare through information technology (IT) by providing leadership, education, and events for those in the health IT community. Founded in 1961, HIMSS has grown significantly over the years and is now home to more than 52,000 individual members, as well as over 600 corporations and 250 nonprofit partners.

As part of its efforts, HIMSS produces a range of publications focused on helping healthcare IT professionals remain up-to-date with current industry news, trends, and developments. Available in both print and electronic formats, HIMSS’ publications include a number of books, a peer-reviewed journal, and several newsletters covering topics relevant to HIMSS members. In addition, HIMSS also produces research reports, CD ROMS, and podcasts designed to assist its members in building the knowledge base needed to advance their careers.


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