Poll Shows Public’s Misgivings about Electronic Medical Records

A healthcare information technology consultant, Dr. Donald Ayers helps major medical establishments institute and utilize electronic health records (EHR). According to data from Xerox, the majority of people in the United States are unaware of the forthcoming transition from paper to digital records. The Xerox survey, which involved roughly 2,000 adults, indicates that fewer than 30 percent of respondents have been informed that their medical records will soon undergo the transition. This despite the fact that professionals like Dr. Donald Ayers have made great strides in bringing EHR systems online.

Though the survey documented some blind spots, it also highlighted areas where the public appears informed. For example, over 60 percent of those polled responded that they understood EHR will lower the cost of healthcare, and an even greater number agreed that electronic records could enhance overall healthcare quality.

Complicating matters, more than 80 percent of respondents expressed misgivings about the security of digitized health records. The pervasive worry led most of those surveyed to withhold their support for EHR.


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