Studies Reveal Usefulness of EHR

Dr. Donald Ayers, an experienced consultant, assists hospitals and medical centers by encouraging best practices linked to electronic health records (EHR) utilization. Scientific research continues to demonstrate the benefits of EHR in the treatment and monitoring of patients with a variety of medical conditions. When experts like Dr. Donald Ayers help providers implement EHR, they directly impact day-to-day care outcomes. For instance, a recent study examining tens of thousands of diabetes patients in California found that after EHR came online the total number of hospitalizations and emergency room visits declined by over 5 percent.

In addition, a separate study examined EHR use in Finland. The researchers analyzed a program dedicated to monitoring growth disorders in young people. Their conclusions indicate that EHR aided doctors in diagnosing many times more children than in the era before EHR. Before concluding whether the finding holds generally or is unique to Finland, scientists must carry out additional investigations.

Both of the aforementioned studies appeared in a recent edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association.


Donald Ayers – Worldwide Day of Prayer and Fasting for Syria

Donald Ayers continues his work as a healthcare IT professional and consultant while he completes an online MBA program with George Washington University. Throughout his career, he has supplied services ranging from electronic health record assistance to serving as an analyst and application coordinator. A committed volunteer, Donald Ayers belongs to the Catholic church and often donates his time to his local parish.

On September 1, 2013, after the Sunday Angelus, Pope Francis appealed to Catholics and people of faith throughout the world with his announcement of a special day of prayer and fasting to take place on September 7 for peace in Syria and across the globe. He pleaded for peace as he spoke of the suffering and devastation caused by war.

In accord with Pope Francis’ request, people throughout the world, including thousands who flocked to Saint Peter’s Square in Rome for a five-hour prayer vigil, joined him on September 7 to pray for peace. Many members of other religious beliefs also heard his announcement and contributed their voices to the prayerful cry for peace.

Donald Ayers – Dinner Gala Supports Boaz and Ruth, Inc.

A healthcare IT professional, Donald Ayers provides consulting services to institutions across the country. He earned his bachelor’s degree summa cum laude from the University of Florida and his medical degree from the University of Chicago. Now, Donald Ayers continues his studies through an online MBA program from George Washington University. He also supports the work of charitable organizations such as Boaz and Ruth.

On November 9, 2013, Boaz and Ruth, Inc., will host its 8th Annual Gala at the Richmond International Raceway’s Torque Club in Richmond, Virginia. This annual fundraiser provides an opportunity for guests to enjoy a pleasant evening while celebrating the organization’s work throughout the past 11 years. The gala dinner will take place from 6 to 10 p.m. and will include auctions, dancing, and a variety of other entertainments.

Proceeds from the evening’s festivities will support Boaz and Ruth’s mission to benefit individuals and communities. Some of the organization’s programs include providing life and work skills to released prisoners and rebuilding the Virginia community of Highland Park.